TESTNET3 - How can I get involved?

The third, and final installation of Aleo’s incentivized testnets We are excited to announce the launch of Aleo Testnet 3. With this release, we’re one step away from launching our mainnet and realizing our vision for an ecosystem of decentralized private computations as presented in our original Zexe research paper.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who optimized a rig on testnet2 will not work on testnet3. Modifications (which will be outlined) will need to be made. They are straightforward but slightly different nonetheless.

We’re actively working to deploy Phase I. You can run a client node and we are working to have applications deployable ASAP! All updates will be posted in the Discord Announcements Channel.

Aleo Testnet 3 will be released across three (3) phases to our community. The following is a summary of the highlights for each phase.

Phase 1: 1-2 months

• The Aleo Team bootstraps the network with genesis beacons

Developers can start writing, deploying, and executing programs.

Phase 2: 1-2 months

Provers can solve coinbase puzzles (PoSW) to earn credits on the network.

• The Aleo Team kickstarts the bug bounty for snarkOS and snarkVM opens to the public (incentivized)

Phase 3: This will last until mainnet launch

Validators start producing blocks and earning rewards.

Provers with 1M Aleo credits will be able to become validators

• The Aleo Team will bootstrap the network for Phase 3 with AleoBFT.


• Deploying and executing programs on the Aleo Virtual Machine (AVM)

• Proving coinbase puzzles (PoSW) to produce new credits

• Validating blocks and producing coinbase proofs with AleoBFT

• Batch proving and verifying on our Marlin + Plookup proof system

• Support for multi-signature wallet using FROST threshold signatures


We are setting aside 25M Aleo credits for developers, hackers, provers, and validators during Testnet3.

How can I earn rewards?

Developers: Can earn rewards for writing, deploying, and executing programs.

Hackers: Can earn bounties by identifying bugs in our protocol.

Provers: Can generate PoSW proofs and earn coinbase rewards.

Validators: Can participate in block production and consensus as part of AleoBFT and earn rewards from the protocol.

How can I get involved in TESTNET3?

• We will be updating everyone about the status of testnet 3 in real-time. We’re actively working to deploy Phase I as soon as possible.

For more information please read our most recent blog: https://www.aleo.org/post/announcing-testnet-3

Also to stay up to date with the latest on Aleo Testnet 3 and our future developments, join us :


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